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Duplicate Account Creation

Hoping someone can point out what setting to change. Currently we have multiple authentication servers, Mac OS Xserve OpenLDAP, Active Directory so I get we have duplicate accounts that way which is fine till we get everyone on the Active Directory server. Problem is we also allow them to email in tickets to a specific email. For some reason when they send them in or reply to emails, WHD keeps creating new accounts with all duplicate information and a new ticket. What settings do I need to check or change to fix this. I think this is a bug as it started happening after the last WHD update. Please help!!!

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What version of the WHD are you using, from the screen shot it looks older than 12.5.1 - might be worth an upgrade.

What I have found, if your client sources have brought in two accounts of the same email address, if a client sends an email and you turn that email into a ticket, you will get a rejection email saying that the user cannot be found, really meaning that it found two clients with the same email address, additional I have also found that creates another (3rd) account when there are two already in the system.

If you have multiple Client connectors with might be worth playing around with the "When LDAP Records Are Removed" option and to confirm the appropriate Sync Based On username/email address.

can you switch off the "allow them to email in tickets to a specific email", if the email you have in LDAP/AD are the same?


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I am using 12.5.2 with the latest build.  Where can I find "allow them to email in tickets to a specific emai" switch?

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I'm having the same issue and I have "Client Can Create Account" set to "No" and "Create Accounts for Unrecognized Senders" set to "Only if e-mail matches an Accepted Domain"

It keeps happening to specific Clients over and over. They submit a new ticket and it creates a new duplicate Client account for them, but they aren't submitting tickets any differently than anyone else (by e-mail). I can't find any other outliers that differentiate them from other Client accounts that are working normally.

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I have seen the same problem coming from two sources. One is the person is using something like Incognito and the system does not recognize them even if they are an existing client. I have seen the system create over 18 accounts for s single user due to this. If the person is a member of Google Groups also it could cause this issue. Do you have "Client Can Create Account" set to "Only if client's email matches an accepted domain" on both the client and email options?

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I am having the same problem with duplicate clients being created with the same email address.  I have "Client Can Create Account" set to "Only if client's email matches an accepted domain" on both the client and email options.

Has this problem been solved?

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That does seem kind of buggy - since the first three i can understand - usernames are different.   but if you isolate just those last two, they look identical (at least in terms of the fields shown there).  You may want to open a support ticket if you are under current maintenance.

If you think that your users are all "in" the system in one way or another already, you could disable the setting that allows email tickets to create new accounts.   (Setup -> E-Mail -> Options -> "create accounts for unrecognized senders")

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