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Documentation for ticket commands in e-mail subject line?

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In the WHD product brochure, Administrator's Guide, etc., there are several references to being able to manage tickets by e-mail.  I tripped across the commands in the subject line when playing around with Approvals, but I have not been able to find anywhere where this is fully documented.  I am looking for full documentation of all the available commands and syntax.  Ultimately, we would like to be able to close tickets, add comments, etc. by replying to ticket e-mails (or possibly by creating a new e-mail).

This is a very useful feature in Spiceworks that I have used in the past.  Spiceworks will parse the body of the e-mail, and you can use commands such as #close to close a ticket (you can even add this after a note, to add a note to the ticket and then close it).

Can someone point me to documentation for this?


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Hi Glen, the ones I posted are the only ones available without using the action rules and custom tags

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Hello Glen,

The information you're looking for is in the Web Help Desk REST API Guide - it has lots of detailed info on commands for updating ticket statuses, closing tickets, etc.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!



I guess I should be careful what I wish for...

You are right - there is a huge amount of information in the REST API guide.  Is there a simplified version of the documentation that defines the syntax and commands that can be used on the subject line of an e-mail to the Help Desk?  Or is that something that I will have to try to extrapolate from the REST API guide, along with some trial and error?


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There are variables that can be passed from tech emails in the subject, have a look at the following example;

Ticket:22029 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status:Pending renewal EmailClient:YES Reassign: MinutesWorked:

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Thanks - the thread that Maria linked to also has examples.  I am looking for some basic documentation on the available commands and syntax.

No one has yet said it doesn't exist, but neither has anyone been able to provide it.  I can probably extrapolate it from the REST API Guide, but I was hoping for a few pages of "Here are the ticket commands you can use in the subject line, and here is the correct syntax".

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Hi Glen, the ones I posted are the only ones available without using the action rules and custom tags

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Thanks, conners.

This was also just confirmed by Peter Krutý in the thread Maria mentioned above: Re: Updating tickets via email

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Hi silmarillion,

Here is a thread discussing this topic and you can find some examples of commands used to update tickets.

Kind regards,


Thanks, Maria!  I hadn't managed to find that in searches.

Sorry, I can't tell from your bio - are you a SolarWinds employee?  I am wondering if there is actual documentation from SolarWinds.

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Hi Glen Martin - Take a look at this KB article: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How to Use Action Rules to Deal With Keywords in The Email 'Subject' Fi...

Hopefully this helps.  Also, have you seen the Library & Support pages on thwack?  They are basically your one stop shop for all things related to our products.  For instance, I found the KB I reference above on the WHD Library & Support page: Web Help Desk (WHD) - Updated May 20, 2014

Let us know if we can assist further.


Hi Danielle,

Yes, I have seen the Library and Support pages - one of the first places I looked at when I started using WHD   Thanks for the tip!

I didn't find that specific article,as I hadn't been searching for a Knowledgebase article.  I did search through the documentation, and when I didn't find anything there, I searched the product forums.

I am aware that I can create my own action rules, but WHD already has some of that built in (as evidenced by the discussion in the thread that Maria referred to).  Rather than starting from scratch to build my own action rules (which may possibly interfere with what WHD is already doing natively), I am looking for documentation on the native functionality.  As you can see in the other thread, people are figuring this out by trial and error, but that's not a great method - you never know what you are missing.

So I come full circle back to my original request - where can I find full documentation on how WHD parses the e-mail subject line and actions tickets accordingly?


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I'm sending this over to our Info Dev team for further assistance. 

Thanks, Danielle!

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