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Document Changes on My Network/Systems

I'm looking for a solution to help me maintain some documentation on the changes that I perform on my all items on my network.  This includes network devices, servers, workstations, etc...  The changes I'm talking about goes for everything. 

If I reset my admin password for all systems for the new quarter, I'd like to document that.  I'd also like to document that I patched all my servers on a monthly basis after patch Tuesday.  I want to be able to document that I put in a new maintenance task on my SQL databases.  The list would go on and on.  I would like to do this so I can look back at changes that were made in a way to help troubleshoot issues.  I'd like to know that I changed X and system Y which cause the error.  That way I know that if I revert back change X we should be good. 

I know there are simple ways to accomplish this (Excel for example), but I'd like something that is each to use, I can search through changes, can access from anywhere, and be able to automatically add items from selfmade scripts.  I've thought about using the Web Help Desk and just submit tickets for each change.  The thought was that if I put the systems that were affected, I'd be able to go into the asset area and see the changes that were made there.

Before I go full board on moving to Web Help Desk as a solution to this, I'm wondering if anyone else has an idea on how to accomplish this.  Or maybe some tips on how to make things easier.  I'm open to any suggestion.

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Level 10

Sounds like you need to use Change controls.