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Level 9

Did known issues in 11.2.0 become resolved in latest release 11.2.1?

With release 11.2.0 there were quite a few known issues:

Known Issues:

  1. Sorting Delay on Assets – Ticket History tab. Using the Filter options in the ticket list view and selecting a request type, then editing the request type for a ticket results in the filtered list not updating immediately. Only an issue in this particular procedure.
  2. Unable to view survey results when time zone is set to Pacific/Pohnpei or Antarctica/Macquarie. Selecting a different time zone name with the same UTC offset corrects the issue.
  3. Asset Discovery – Installed Applications inaccurate using Absolute Manager discovery connections.
  4. WHD may become unresponsive after a scheduled restart. Workaround is to manually restart WHD.
  5. Changing the request type on a ticket removes the default email recipients for the associated tech group. The workaround is to manually select the ticket recipients when you change a ticket’s request type.
  6. Custom logos not rendering on HTML e-mail.
  7. Restricting access to child ticket request types causes the parent request types list to be blank, eliminatining the ability to retrieve child request type.
  8. The Check/Uncheck All check box does not work for tabular reports with more than 50 items.
  9. Reports showing Tickets by Week intermittently will show incorrect week dates.

Did those issues become resolved in 11.2.1?

All I see for known issues on 11.2.1 is

Bugs Fixed in this version:

  1. The Admin Guide link on the welcome page now links to the correct documentation.
  2. Fixed a significant memory leak that could affect Web Help Desk performance.
  3. Fixed an issue that could create blank ticket notes in email update notifications.

Known Issues:

  • On Windows 8, Web Help Desk does not automatically start after installation. You must manually run whd_start. For more information, see KB 4502.

Which is a strange known issue being that Windows 8 isn't even a server platform.

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Level 17

The 11.2.1 release was almost exclusively to address some long-standing memory leaks in the product. For those of you who may have been restarting services nightly, this should no longer be required with 11.2.1. As you point out, the remaining issues are still outstanding, and remain to be addressed in a future release

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Level 9

Any acknowledgement of my question?

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