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Deleting old techs/request types - best practices?

Curious what the best practice is for deleting old techs & request types.

Currently we have a few Techs in the system marked as inactive that are no longer with the company.  If we delete these, will we lose the ability to search for tickets they completed?  What will old tickets that they were assigned look like?

Basically the same question with request types - I know if we delete them, we can no longer search for that request type, but what happens to old tickets that were assigned that request type?  I assume historically, they don't really "delete" but rather just mark themselves as non-active?

Maybe someone else has done this process and can share.

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Should say (to actually answer your question ) I would do it this way because if you do delete the request type, the historical tickets will still be there, but request type will just default back to the first one in your list so could really mess up your reports/ stats.

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Thanks - this is kind of what I needed to know.  Doesn't sound like WHD handles this very gracefully.

You might have more joy with deleted Techs/ Tech groups though:

Re: Consequences of deleting Tech or Tech Group

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Not sure about the Tech question but for defunct ticket types you can create a new dummy location or location group, then make the ticket type specific to that location/ group. This way the ticket type no longer shows up for your Techs or clients using the portal to log against but you can still search for old tickets by type. I have done this for test ticket types I don't want anyone to see until they are ready to go.

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