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Level 7

Delete request types - not archive

We are new to WHD and just now setting up request types.  Therefor, none of the request types are in use or assigned to a ticket.  I've created some request types that I do not want.  How can I permanently delete them?  For now I've created a parent request type called "Delete" and put all unwanted types under that, but it is crude and bothersome to me.  I would like to delete.  Any advise?

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Level 12

In 12.7 they removed the option to delete Request Types. It was replaced by Archive only. It was available in 12.6, open a support call and ask them to put it back.


Only other way is to edit the DB.

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Level 8


The Tech must be a "admin" then Tick on check-box "Secure-delete Tickets". Then once the tickets is selected to delete, it will be secure-delete (i.e. everythings will be gone)


See the explanation below: 

Secure-delete Tickets
If checked, when this tech deletes a Ticket, the system will physically remove the Ticket from the database (rather than simply mark it as "deleted"), along with all attachments, client notes, tech notes, ticket history entries, and e-mail history entries related to the Ticket.

Hope this helps.



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