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Custom ticket variables/fields in emails and/or ticket notes?

Is it possible to add custom ticket variables/fields to approval emails and/or ticket notes?

For example for a special account type a different team than normal has to create an additional account for new users. Instead of transferring a ticket we created an approval process based on if a custom ticket field is checked. Instead of making them open the ticket we would like to supply them with the needed information the users input into custom ticket fields.

Ex approval email format:


New employee <employee name> <employee id> needs a new account per Ticket <ticket_id>.

Thank you

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Hello sjefferson

This can certainly be done, and you can choose when to fire off the email depending on how/when you want it sent,

Create an Action Rule instead of an approval process.  Simply Test for the custom field to equal to the proper state in the Criteria tab.  We have used drop down menus (pop-ups in WHD vocabulary) and  tested for them to = "YES."  From there, you can also add a status below for ANY conditions.  For example, if you want to the email to go to the other team after your team has finished its work, you can add the criteria status = Completed.  Under actions, send the email and include any of the custom field data you wish.  The format is simply "<custom_n> = nth custom field."

You will have to know the "number" of the custom field as it is listed in Tickets > Ticket Custom Fields > Custom Field Display order.  It is a small drop down field.  REMEMBER, if you add custom fields, or change the display order, it will change this number!!!  This means that if you change that number, the criteria test will still work in the Action Rule, but the data displayed in the email might change and no longer be useful to the receiver.

One thing we have done is to add custom fields to tickets that are only viewable by techs.  This way, for example, the customer creates the ticket, the techs create the account and fill in the unique username or pin, for example.  Once the ticket is closed, the email fires off to the target person with the custom field data so that they can then do whatever work is needed on their end.  If the custom field is critical, be sure to make it required by the techs, otherwise the email might go forward without the crucial data.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

Ryan Calhoun

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It is pretty awful to for the variable to be the display order.  There should be a sequential value (that's visible in the GUI) after creating each custom field that never changes.  No thought put into this feature...

Agreed, we have over 175 custom fields and a great number of emails we want to pull data for.  At the rate we are accumulating new custom fields, we won't be able to keep up with changing the emails templates.

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