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Custom Fields are Acting Goofy

I have a request type of "Network" with two subcategories and a have a request type of "Mobile" with two subcategories. 

For the "network" request type I have three custom fields that are each popup menus (drop down boxes) assigned and for the "Mobile" request type I have two different custom fields that are also popup menus.  They are only assigned to their respective request types.

When making a ticket, if I switch the request type from either "network" to "mobile" or vice versa...almost every time one of the custom fields will stay on the ticket from the previous request type i had selected, even though it's not assigned to that request type.

Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes it combines the one of the menus from the previous request type fields with the list in the current request type custom field.

For example...For the "network" request type I have a custom field that is a connection type subcategory popup menu.  If, during the creation of the ticket, i switch it from a "network" request type to the "mobile" request type...that connection type subcategory will stay there even though it's not assigned to the "mobile" request type.  Sometimes, it will combine that connection subcategory popup menu with the mobile device type menu.

Has anyone seen this or know a potential cause for this??  It seems totally random when it happens but it happens a lot and not for just those types of requests, but all of our different requests, i'm just using that as an example.


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Hi Joshua

If you go to Setup> Tickets> Options, right at the bottom of the options is a check box for Automatically Delete Obsolete Custom Fields. If you put a check in there it should prevent this from happening, it removes any custom fields that are not relevant when you change the request type.

I actually have that enabled and it's still doing it.  I did realize though the fields are only getting messed up when I have picked something in the drop down menus.  They still carry over when I change the ticket type and sometimes get added to a ticket type that they aren't assigned to.

web help desk problem.PNG

As you can see in the picture, this is with that option checked.  Even though it's a mobile ticket type, it's adding the network ticket type custom fields to the ticket...but what is selected in the drop down menu for the network fields are actually mobile custom field variables.  It's literally combining and mixing up the custom fields at times. 

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Ours does this too, and after a lot of testing things we've determined it's a bug.  Seems to be happening to a lot of people and I am guessing it's due to the lack of work they put into the product.

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