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Level 9

Child tickets - Change Status.

With the Child/Parent ticket feature, I can obviously add a note to all tickets, but how do you resolve/close ALL tickets at the same time?

I'd presume that rclosing the parent ticket, it would close the child ones too.??

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Level 9

Apologies all. 12.3

Level 10

You are correct, closing the parent will close the children.

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Actually closing a paren ticket won't close child tickets. It's a Feature request. How would like that to behave? When closing a parent, ask if all child tickets should be closed OR only parent? Or something else?

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It would be brilliant if the tech would have an option to:

  • Close everything (parent and all child tickets)
  • Close the parent ticket only and leave child tickets open
  • Close only a few of the child tickets

Naturally WHD should be aware of linked tickets, meaning that an additional option of what the close (tick boxes) shouldn't be that difficult to implement.



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OR functionality gets my vote!

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Umm, what? That's been built in to WHD since 2012.

It's even in the documentation here:

SolarWinds Web Help Desk Help

And here:


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It  does for Problem/ linked incident tickets but apparently not for the new Linked requests brought in in 12.3.

I am in 2 minds about this because logically at first glance it would act the same way but actually if you had a new starter request type which triggers a load of associated tickets to various teams (eg Hardware request, user accounts on various systems) then you probably would want each one to be closed as they are completed...

Would be good to have the option though- When closing a parent, ask if all child tickets should be closed OR only parent would make sense

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I assumed we're still talking about 12.2 and not 12.3

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I assumed we were talking about 12.3 but I guess we could both be mistaken since the post doesn't say anywhere!