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Level 7

Can't log in

After a forced reboot, I can't log in. When I get my log in details mailed to me, it says to use the password it gets through LDAP (the same password I log in with to my machine). I have tried this password multiple times and it still thinks it is the incorrect password. Is there a way to force a log in? Perhaps by editing the database?

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Level 17

If you access the DB directly, the below SQL query will reset the admin password.

Update TECH set user_name='admin', password='admin' where client_id=1  

If you are using frontbase this FAQ will help you connect:

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The default admin account was deactivated, so that won't work. I modified that query to reset the password for another account whose credentials are obtained via LDAP, however, it still says that an incorrect password is being used. Perhaps there is a way to reactivate the admin account through an SQL query? Looking at it now.

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Managed to log in by modifying the database to not get my credentials through LDAP.

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Level 10

Hey Acorit,

Have you made any progress with this issue?

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