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Level 7

Can an incoming email account be set to accept messages when there is no matching client?

We have an incoming email account set up ( that will receive emails from anonymous external users. The problem is that WHD is rejecting the emails with ERROR_WHILE_LOCATING_CLIENT. Is it possible to set WHD to accept the message and substitute a specified default client in place of the original email sender?

I assume I could enable automatic client creation but I fear our client list would grow to an unmanageable size, which I would like to avoid. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Level 8

Me too - I send some tickets to my vendor and they want it sent to their service email account (so they can have it forwarded to multiple people at their company), but I want WHD to accept a reply from anyone at that company. Not sure if that is possible though.

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It should be possible,  You'd need to go into the Settings, Email > Options and under "Create Accounts for Unrecognized Senders" you would need either set this to yes, or set the domain they are using.  You would also need to give each user the ability to update any ticket, basically making each of them a client admin.