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Level 8

Bugs in WHD with tickets not showing up in group queues

I am having some issues with techs not seeing all of the tickets that are in their queue? But when you search for the tickets you are see them

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Level 8

I got an answer - it is because of leveling with the techs. WHD is designed to use the escalation feature not as a "this ticket needs to get taken care of right away" but "level 1 techs cant fix this so we need to escalate it to a level 2 tech". This would then pull the ticket from the level one techs group and now they would not be able to see it

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Yea, faulty logic IMO. I've also logged a support ticket/feature request for it as well.

The best solution is to add the tech(s) to the queue(s) they cannot see.

This sounds like a good enough reason to not use this feature. Are you seeing success with the auto escalation?

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Level 12

We have this logged with Support already, I suggest you do the same.

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