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Auto-assign to opening tech

We currently use tech groups on all of our request types, but there a handful of techs that have mentioned it would be nice if they could have the ticket auto-assign to them as they are opening the ticket. When I opened a case with support they said the way to do this is to have no tech group assigned to the request type, but we need them for a reporting piece we do. With the number of techs we have an action rule for everyone wouldn't be practical. 

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If a technician is creating the ticket themselves then they should have an option to assign it to them instead of the help desk.

If it's being submitted by a client, then the Supports suggested way is the most practical approach unless you were to implement an Action Rule per technician.


Thanks for your reply.  They do have the option to assign to themselves, but they liked it better when the ticket auto-assigned to them.  I think that only occurred on an request type with no tech group.  I feel like I'm still missing a piece of the puzzle.  I appreciate your help for sure!

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So you are looking to auto-assign tickets that are created by the technician, is that correct?

This would only be an issue when a Request Type doesn't have a Tech Group as there isn't a pool of technicians that are auto-assigned to tickets that aren't in a Tech Group.

If you need auto-assignment on tickets without a Tech Group then an Action Rule is the best way forward.

Thanks for your help with this!  Much appreciated.

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No problem at all.

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