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Assigned Asset Report by Location

I am trying to run a query in the Client module of WHD that will return all the clients in a specific department and list whether they have an assigned asset or not. I can put together the query and,  if I add the "Assigned Asset" column to the screen, I can see all the data I need in the query results.  The problem is, there is no way to export the information and have it keep the assigned asset information in the export because the Client table in the database does not contain the assigned asset.  I can go to the Asset module and run a similar query, but it only returns the clients at a specific location who have an assigned asset, but doesn't include those who do not have an assigned asset. I have tried to do this in reports and it doesn't even support Client-based reports.  Surely, there is a way for an Asset Management database to show me who needs a computer!

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