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Assets duplicating in WHD.... this is not good

I am seeing assets duplicating, and attributes being mixed among the duplicates, making it really hard to identify what is what.  I've been trying to work with tech support on determining what is happening, and it sounds like the program uses a device's IP address as a unique identifier.  They want me to set my DHCP lease time longer.  Not really a good option for me, and they are dodging the question of how to fix the duplicate/mixed assets I now have.  I'm getting pretty bummed about this very rapidly.

Anyone else run into this?  And why on earth would they use the IP ADDRESS to uniquely identify a network asset in a DHCP environment???

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Sometimes. Though it helps to tag them! milan.hulik​ are there any plans to fix this issue in the next update? We don't use WMI discovery because of this issue, and support hasn't been able to help - mostly, I think, because it's an actual software bug and/or poor design.

Not in the next update. But this problem is very high on my priority list.

Right now I can only recommend to use different asset discovery tool and integrate it with WHD.

Some customers use Lansweeper integration with WHD for asset discovery.

LanSweeper Integration

Are you using other Asset Management / Inventory solutions with WHD?

Thank you.  Not the answer I was hoping for, but certainly helpful and appreciated.

If I move to Lansweeper or another tool at this point, shall I presume that my asset database will start from scratch?  If so, I feel like I just need to do it sooner than later.

I appreciate your response and look forward to updates that resolve this issue.

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I think, the safe answer here is yes - you'll likely have to start from scratch.

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It's crystal clear after being forwarded to another engineer at SolarWinds that this is a massive design flaw in the software.  They are trying to pin the blame for this on my DHCP lease time.

Sorry, I don't care if my lease time is set to 3 minutes or 5 years.  If my asset tracking software randomly assigns computers to different users, changes model numbers, duplicates records, deletes records, and who knows what else, you can't blame that on the IP address changing.  It's ridiculous.

I'm trying to decide if this software is even usable if the integrity of the underlying asset data can't be guaranteed.

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I am not saying, it is not a design flaw

We are aware of this issue and support is just trying to give you workarounds, that might help you with short-term resolution.

Long-term, we'd like to fix it.

Thank you very kindly, I appreciate you being up front and trying to facilitate a workaround.

I got an update this AM with instructions on modifying a config file.  Also was provided some queries to delete some records from the database via SSMS, which I do not feel good about doing.  The config file change may help prevent records from being improperly altered going forward, but I think I just need to manually verify and correct my asset database entries in the mean time.

From my perspective, it would be helpful if the issue of DHCP lease time and how it affects asset sync was addressed in setup instructions or a config wizard.

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I have had similar issues, but they dont seem to be IP address related, they seem to stem back to doing a data import of new assets.  A lot of devices mixed up serial numbers with makes/models.  I also have occasional issues with bulk updating fields, I sometimes have corrupt data in date fields, and sometimes the fields dont upate with the values I have added.