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Level 15

Are you using other Asset Management / Inventory solutions with WHD?

WHD allows you to track assets and apart having native WMI discovery also integrates with various asset management solutions and provides generic integration.

  1. What other products you are using besides WHD for asset management?
  2. Were you the one who chose and purchased those other tools?
  3. Are there problems you would like WHD to solve rather than these other tools?

Looking forward to hear from you,


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Are you using Spiceworks Eric or something else?

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I am still using Spiceworks. it does a decent job and it fits my budget at the moment. Few other networking tools from some site that people here seem to like are more priority to spend money on atm

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I used it before, I wouldn't use it again unless we couldn't afford to use anything else.

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Can you please elaborate on this? Why you wouldn't use Spiceworks?

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Because it's limited in active scanning, reporting and monitoring in comparison with the pay for services.

It's a very good tool for free and if I was in an IT department that couldn't spend money, this would be the first place I'd look to do everything, from asset tracking to help desk tickets.

Level 13

We also use HP WebJet Admin,  and ConfigMGR 2012. I am surprised that WHD lacks the ability to pull assets from AD.

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Have you found a way to access WJA from WHD?

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I actually tried and had our DB guy setup a view to pull from but I never quite got the fields right. I did a feature request but it did not gain a lot of traction. I really wanted it so we do not waste double time typing in asset data that is already in another system.

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I hear you. When we originally set up the help desk, we exported all the printers from Web Jetadmin, and rearranged it into the asset import spreadsheet. It would be nice to have this as a preset option though.

Curious what assets are you attempting to pull from AD other than users?

Workstations and servers.

it would be more accurate then ConfigMGR, at least in in our environment.

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Not sure why you would say it would be more accurate.

ConfigMgr should be set to sync from AD, all those clients sync to WHD, then the ones that are active agent installed clients sync with more data.

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Level 14

We use SCCM 2007 and are already in the planning stages of migrating to SCCM 2012 R2. in addition we use HP Web JetAdmin 10.3 for network printers and Apple Remote desktop for our Macs.

Was involved in the SCCM 2007 decision, it is so full featured you are not just getting hardware info it pulls installed software, images, pushes software based on user/group/machine log in ect.  Web JetAdmin I chose mainly because most of our network printers are HP's and the tool is free.

No I do not think WHD should move into these areas as long as the integration can be made fairly tight let these other company's that are experts in their equipment do the heavy lifting then just read from their db's with some tight tested data pulls.

I would like to see WHD add Web JetAdmin as a supported tool to pull data from if they think enough people would use it.

Level 10

1. We also user Lansweeper

2. I chose & tested it, but did not purchase or implement it...

3. Yes, for us the WIM tool is extremely broken, nothing but jibberish, duplicates, missing assets, you name it. I was and still am very disappointed in it. And in support/dev basically telling me that it's my fault. Lansweeper has caused no such issues using it with WHD, but WHD's WMI tool is trash to me.

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Thanks for honest feedback Mike! Definitely something we will need to look at. So I guess Lansweeper is your primary source of assets?

Yep. Has robust reporting, monitoring, deployment, even run scripts for users. What a tool!! For stuff it can't find or scan (ipads) we use the import tool in WHD, then manually link them to users...

FWIW they are working on a help desk beta this year... depending on where that goes or how that goes we might make a switch to them, based on the strength of the asset monitoring tool.

Level 10

  1. We use Lansweeper - it seemed to provide the most features in the least amount of cost.
  2. I chose and implemented it
  3. Personally, the asset management in WHD is sufficient for small businesses, but isn't quite feature-heavy enough to replace something like Lansweeper.  I personally prefer having a separate application, even though its implementation in WHD is lacking.

Thanks Matt!

Have you been looking also on other solutions than Lansweeper?

What was most important for you when deciding for a solution?

What is #1 thing which is missing in WHD and Lansweeper does provide it? Also is there anything in Lansweeper integration missing for you?

We evaluated a number of different solutions, but ultimately cost vs performance, Lansweeper seemed to win.  In fact, it has a lot of features that I don't use or consider overkill.

The most important thing for us was tracking network devices and non-connected devices.  The latter is fairly do-able in WHD, but network devices aren't.  I've always felt that the WHD asset portion is just a little "half-baked" when you compare it to other solutions.

The missing thing in the Lansweeper integration is ownership.  You can mark an item as "Owned by" in Lansweeper, but WHD does not track this field.  I was unable to find a way to do this short of having "last user" as the ownership value in WHD.  This works for things like PCs, but any PC that is public (perhaps in a conference room), will bounce around as to who "owns" it in WHD based on who used it last.  For monitors and non-connected equipment, I just lost ownership completely in WHD.  Fix this and I would be very happy!!!!