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Archive technician WHD

How does archiving a technician work?

Scenario is we have a tech that is leaving for a period of time and they are bringing in a new person. I want to archive the outgoing tech and use his license for the new guy. Then archive the new guy when the old guy comes back.

Is this possible? Is there any data loss?

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Hi @sotherls ,

Unticking the license can be done within Setup > General > License, then un-tick the user you want to set as inactive to gain another license, then add the technician you want to temporarily use the license for.

Once the other technician is back you can simply go to the same page and un-tick the temporary tech and re-tick the technician that's back.

If the technician is away for a period of time and you don't need to free up a license to get the new tech working, you can simply set the technician to vacation so no new tickets get auto-assigned to them:

Setup > Techs > Techs > select technician > click Edit (pencil icon) > enable 'On Vacation' at bottom of page > Save

Please note that any existing tickets on them will continue to stay on them during this period, so re-assigning tickets is beneficial during this time.


@percyplant ,

If we're going into the more technical side of the help desk deletion system, if we delete a technician it soft-deletes the technician from the database. This means that although you cannot select or locate the tech in the help desk, they're still there in the database.

I agree with what you've said - for good practice and legacy reasons, you shouldn't delete technicians as any ticket that was previously assigned to them becomes difficult to locate, since you cannot select a deleted technician from the list. Additionally any reporting will struggle to locate a deleted technician so your numbers will likely be wrong if you're reporting beyond your current technicians.

However, this is not the end of the world if a technician is deleted, you can bring back a deleted technician by changing the 'Deleted' value in the 'Techs' table and it'll un-delete the technician.


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Untick the license for your current tech, then create the new tech, then swap them again when you first tech returns. All tickets and data will remain. Don't delete the techs.

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