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Level 9

Approval process - guidance needed

I have read through the manuals but am not getting my head around it what.  What we'd like to do is create a process for when a client's request means some piece of equipment needs to be ordered for them.  I created a request type specifically for purchase orders, but am not leaving it visible to clients.  Sometimes we have the equipment on hand where it wouldn't need to be ordered, etc, so I want to leave it up to the tech.  The tech would change the request type to Purchase Request, maybe add some notes, and that would trigger the approval process.

I have that part set up, and I have a very basic approval process set up.  I will add the manager as the location approver on each of our locations.  The first step in the process is manager approval, and it will send to the location approver.  That part is working.

What I'm confused about is how to proceed next, since there are no conditional if/then steps.  What I'd want is, if it's approved, to send on to our materials department for them to order the item.  I have this set as the 2nd step of the approval process, thinking once they ordered they could approve it, and add the PO # and any other additional information relevent.  But if it's denied, how do I stop that 2nd step from triggering?  We don't want materials ordering the item if the manager denied it.  They could read the notes in the body of the email, but I'd rather them just not even receive an email if there's nothing for them to do.

I thought maybe an Action Rule would be the thing, but I don't see a field in the list of what I can choose that would really work as a trigger.

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.  Just a note: we are currently not using the Assets part of this application - not sure if that affects this at all.

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