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AJP Connector changes in 12.7.2 and 12.7.3?


We have been using the AJP/1.3 connector with a port 8009 proxy internally to WHD for many releases, and when I upgrade to 12.7.2 or 12.7.3 I notice the AJP connector has been completely removed from the tomcat_server_template.xml file. In previous releases, this file is overwritten on upgrade and I have to add some additional options to that file for the AJP connector.

Our proxy no longer works after this upgrade, and we cannot connect to the running WHD instance. Adding the connector code back into the file does not fix the issue. Did something else change?

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As an update to this - the AJP issue was the change in Tomcat versioning and removal of AJP functionality by default (for security reasons). I've now been able to successfully and securely re-enable AJP in Tomcat. If anyone's interested I can share the configuration for Tomcat and Apache.

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