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[VIDEO] SolarWinds and Cisco Offer a Powerful, Free Network Health Check

When was the last time you confidently identified which network devices are out of maintenance, have warranty defects, are obsolete, or are at risk of security vulnerabilities? Join Leon Adato, SolarWinds Head GeekTM and Shreyance Rai, Cisco® SmartAdvisor Product Manager, to learn how SolarWinds and Cisco are bringing you a powerful, free network health check powered by Cisco’s SmartAdvisor service. During this 40-minute presentation, you will learn how to: • Inventory your entire network in minutes. • Use SmartAdvisor reports to optimize performance, improve efficiency, and simplify operations. • Implement SmartAdvisor recommendations using powerful network automation. You could easily spend days or weeks gathering and analyzing network inventory and configuration data. Or, you could attend this webcast and learn how to get your free network health check.

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