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[VIDEO] SolarWinds Product Update and Tips to Get the Most from your Implementations

Chris LaPoint, Vice President of Product Management, SolarWinds, will give an update for federal customers on SolarWinds network management, application and server management, storage management and virtualization management products. He’ll also share tips to get the most from your implementations of these products. In this interactive session you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the SolarWinds product management team.


First 9 minutes seemed like just more marketing material, but all the info after that was a good synopsis of reasons to upgrade; good vid to show management when trying to justify the efforts of perform the upgrade.

Great video.  It was great to see the direction SolarWinds is going in and how all the various products work together to provide a more unified solution.

Interesting to see where SolarWinds is going.  The new SAM info was good and I liked the 'road map' of where it is going.

I thought this did a great job of showing the vision of SolarWinds going forward with it's current product portfolio; however, I feel a bit conflicted.  I love that the different products span all different types of environments from the old legacy physical environments to the virtual environment all the way up to the converged environments.  The problem that I run into is how many different pieces of SolarWinds software one needs to piece together to paint the full picture.  Managing all or even several of these components in an environment become not only costly but challenging as each of the different products has it's own learning curve and requisite knowledge, especially for the components that are not part of the Orion suite.  I guess I would like to see a bit of a more converged model that didn't require purchasing and managing so many different pieces to make a whole.

great overview

Interesting ....

Great Infor. about Solarwinds

Nice overview

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