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[VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #27: You've Already Been Hacked! Now What?

[VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #27: You've Already Been Hacked! Now What?

Good security practices are on every experienced IT Pros' daily "to-do" list. But what can you do if security is being breached right now? The answer is: PLENTY!!

In this episode, Head Geeks™ Leon Adato and Kong Yang, along with Log & Event Manager (LEM) senior product guru, Rob Johnson, discuss the reality that many organizations may be under attack long before they even notice the effects. They'll show you some concrete examples of what you can do to discover these attacks and how to mitigate the damage before it gets out of control.

You'll learn about auditing and updating the security aspects of network devices with Network Configuration Manager (NCM), how to automatically detect questionable traffic with Network Performance Monitor's Deep Packet Inspection capabilities, and the security options built right into the Virtualization infrastructure. The Geeks will then take a deep dive into the logging and analysis options in LEM and will also show you ways you can leverage SolarWinds Patch Manager to make your critical endpoints more secure.

Show Notes:

- Cisco Guide to Harden Cisco IOS Devices

- Dshell - US Army's network forensic analysis framework

- SolarWinds Federal Cybersecurity Survey

- LEM Forum

- Patch Manager Forum

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