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[VIDEO] IPAM and Network Performance Monitor -- A Powerful Duo

Keep up with today's dynamic networks by leveraging the combined power of SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM).  IPAM alleviates your spreadsheet ills with automated and consolidated DHCP/DNS and IP address management, while NPM delivers in-depth performance monitoring to ensure your network is always running smoothly.  With SolarWinds IPAM and NPM, you get comprehensive and centralized management, monitoring, alerting and reporting -- all from an intuitive web console.


Short and sweet, great video!

I really like the way IPAM shows all of the IP's used on a subnet regardless of origin.  Static, DHCP reserved or leased are all displayed in a single exportable view.


Nice post, straight to the point, I am new to Solarwinds and need info on the different modules.

IPAM has organized our IP address in a big way.  The subnets are all laid out and the way it works with UDT makes it so we get all the history on individual IP's all the way down to ports.

IPAM is a terrific tool.  It organizes out subnets and allows us to reserve IP's easily.  With many groups needing to hand out IP's on a daily basis, the conflicts were terrible.  Also, to be able to see DNS and all the DHCP scopes in one place make the job significantly easier.

Just put in the request for IPAM to round out our SW suite.

Just wanted to add some weight to familyofcrowes comments by sharing my organization's experiences.

Our network IP usage was managed by a half-dozen different spreadsheets in multiple places.

Last year we bit the bullet and added IPAM to our NPM installation. After a few weeks adding DHCP and non-DHCP subnets to the system and the pain always accociated with learning a new system, we now have a much truer understanding of what is really going on with our IP spaces.

And let me tell you, it sure is nice to have that information when new static addresses are needed or the leadership needs a report of some kind.

I like the interactive text, boss doesn't think I'm on iTunes

short and sweet video love IPAM

Can't live without IPAM.  Great product.

I'm interested in the Solarwinds IPAM but wonder how it would measure up against the IPAM that Microsoft offer as part of Windows Server 2012 R2 (as a Role).

Anyone used the Microsoft one? or both?


stocking1986​, I would suggest placing this question in the IPAM Product Forum. I think you'll get more responses and eyes on your question from those that own and use that product. They tend to follow the Product Forums for the products they own. 🙂

Thanks Rachael, I didn't think of that

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