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Support for NX-OS/Cisco Nexus family switches

Support for NX-OS/Cisco Nexus family switches

VNQM does not support the creation or monitoring of IPSLA Operations on Cisco Nexus platform running NX-OS.

Please add functionality for these devices as they are commonly used as datacenter switches and currently one of the most popular solution in this field.

Level 17

Seriously, why is this not recognized? There is no option for NX-OS in your template types.

NPM does pick up on system OID ; and hit the correct model, but no recognition of the system specifics after that to align it with any specific view.

Model  N77-C7710

Machine Type


Level 13

IP SLA support is dependent on your firmware, and then it has to be enabled with the feature command. 

As to not recognizing the machine type, that is a problem with Orion in general and getting updates into the MIB DB.

Why has support for monitoring IP SLA on Nexus switches not been added?  It's not like this is a brand new switch that Cisco just came out with.  This should be considered a fundamental item for the next release.

Level 9

is this on the roadmap yet?

this recently bumped up on our priority list, it's currently right behind SIP Trunk capacity monitoring. I'll update our what we are working on post once it will be something we started coding.

Level 12

This request needs to include ios 15.x, ios-xe, ios-xr.

Level 9

Any updates? We are almost at 100 votes.

ios-xe and xr support are still on the "todo" items. Currently we're not close to any beta we can give you with such support. However it's still on our roadmap for the future.

IP SLA Support for NEXUS!

Level 10

@ Miichal hrncirik    ,, is it now supported  ? or still not yet ?