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Support for Call Manager 11 (CUCMv11)

Support for Call Manager 11 (CUCMv11)

"We have upgraded our Cisco Unified Communication servers to version 11 and having issues getting call data. I see now that CUCMv11 is not yet supported by VNQM. Please provide support as many of us are upgrading to the current version."

Level 8

Does voting being closed mean that this has been accepted as a required feature, and is being worked on?

I would like to submit 1000 votes! We require support for the latest version of Call Manager in VNQM - ASAP!

Level 12

1000 votes noted! And yes, we are currently working on this.

Level 7

What's the timeline for this? We've been on Call Manager 11 now for almost a year and VNQM has been pretty much useless since that time.

Level 12

While I'm unable to provide timelines, I can tell you that this is coming in the next release. I will be looking for candidates for beta testing in the next few weeks if you're interested.

Level 9

CUCM 11 is about 18 months old now and still there's no support by VNQM.

I get the feeling this product has no love among the SolarWinds developers. I cornered about 3 different SW staff at the booth at Cisco Live this summer and none of them could give me a credible answer about why there's been such a delay in support. They all said "hey have you seen the new NPM 12?!"

I'd think one of the top network management companies could update a product to work with the primary target product in something less than 18 months. Without the CUCM integration, VNQM is just a minor tool for monitoring IP SLA operations.

Level 7

Yes for beta testing please.

Level 10

We need this urgently, solarwinds will loose money, because we will not extend our maintenance for it, if this is not available!!!

Level 7

Any idea when this will be released?  I have heard it is currently in beta. Just looking for a "no later" than date.

Level 12,  It's currently in the RC phase at the moment so we have customers who are implementing it.   bartley​, I believe we chatted over email already about the RC being available in your Customer Portal.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented