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Remote Soft IPSLA Probes (Software)

Remote Soft IPSLA Probes (Software)

Hello All,

I have a big problem about monitoring the quality of networks among remote sites. We need to monitor some metrics like Response Time, Latency, Packet Loss, RTT, Jitter, Delay, etc. I know Solarwinds have a module like VNQM to get these metrics but the problem is, we have to use Cisco devices to get these metrics from remote sites. I hope for the near future VNQM will support Juniper devices also but as you know we will always have a limitation risk to get these metrics . Vendor, Model, OS / Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel etc.

The Idea is a remote software IPSLA probe. Think about a software which will have some capabilities to check IPSLA metrics. These probes can send and receive many special packets between remote sites and they can calculate results as IPSLA perspective. There will be a common dashboard to manage this remote probes and at the same time we can create many jobs for one or many probes by using this dashboard. via this idea, there will not be any limitation like vendor, model, OS, etc. The prerequisite will be installation of remote probe.



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This is a biggie for me as we are looking at other software already that does this.   It also adds in the ability to run an exe from a users desktop and simulate call traffic to another node on the network.   That way we can see call quality from the user end to another user / phone end.

Any updates ?

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