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IP SLA Manager for Shoretel

IP SLA Manager for Shoretel

Currently on the Shoretel Gear we can see the Node Status , CPU and Memory Via SNMP . We are also using the Application monitoring for shoretel Servers which only gives us the critical service status.

I would really like to see more detailed information like Packet Loss , Call Quality , Jitter etc.. like the IP SLA on Cisco Gear.

Does Solar Winds have any Plan in the near Future to introduce that with Shoretel?

Level 11

This would be very helpful.  I have IPSLA monitors from router-to-router but was still seeing Packet Loss reports in our ShoreTel server.  After collecting all these I had to start manually looking at each interface in the path to determine where the problem was.  Our WAN was running extreamly clean in terms of Jitter/Loss but ShoreTel kept reporting the issue in the server log.  It would be great to have some of that visibility in SolarWinds.

I had a comment a while back.

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Also would like to see status of PRI D- Channel

Level 9

How many votes are required before the feature request is moved to next stage?

Level 9

any update on this?

Level 9

we recently upgraded our shoretel to 14.2 and it has some inbuilt monitoring and diagnostic tools which are helpful for troubleshooting.

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All these highly up voted and flat out ignored requests really don't instill any confidence in the Solarwinds team and product. At least comment and tell us it's not happening.

I hate to mention a competing product on this forum, but I hope some of the users find the reference useful until Solarwinds commits to implement this feature request. I definitely would prefer to see Solarwinds implement this feature. We have not purchased this product yet, but we are looking into it.  My company has been looking for options for over a year and we have been hoping in the mean time that Solarwinds would commit to implement this feature.

Network Solutions | pathSolutions

ShoreTel Connector | pathSolutions

Comprehensive Call Quality Monitoring for ShoreTel Systems

PathSolutions is the only call quality monitoring solution that is designed to fully integrate with ShoreTel and tell you when a poor quality call happened, who it affected, and what network event created the problem.

  • Email Alerts for Poor Quality Calls
  • Specific Call Searches
  • Site Call Tracking
  • Call Path Mapping—Complete Layer-2 Trace Route
  • Unlimited Call Simulation Capabilities
Level 7

Thanks for posting that information, we just implemented Solarwinds only to realize how little visibility we get into our VOIP setup. Hopefully Solarwinds will listen and jump on this opportunity!

Level 7

I second this.. Please broaden your vendor options for monitoring.

Level 7

Requests for this have ran around the forum for around 5 years now.  Not a word from SW on this being on the roadmap.  We all need a go/no-go on this.  I see other requests being worked on with 1/4 of the votes and interest.  Doesn't this request deserve, at least, the courtesy of a response?

Personally, I will only maintain a single monitoring solution.  I'm not going to get a separate one just to monitor our ShoreTel gear.  My SW annual support dollars will go to a comprehensive solution.