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Allow non-admin users to configure IPSLA operations

Allow non-admin users to configure IPSLA operations

We are facing the same problem with some of our customers that are using VNQM: they need to allow to create IPSLA operations to some users that don't have  admin credentials, and the only solution is to give them admin rights.

It would be great if we could select which users can create IPSLA operations, not depending if they are admin users or not.

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Hi Here is a link to more info and some additional comments.

Level 14

I think this is a great idea.  However, I would like to extend the granularity beyond VNQM.  For example, we would like to also grant rights to...

  1. Place nodes Unmanaged or Managed mode without having to give the person full Node Management rights.
  2. Add nodes to SolarWinds/Orion but not delete those, unless specified otherwise.

I am sure that there are many other examples for NPM as well as the other Orion tools.  So, by all means please enhance the granularity for rights.

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Plus one for this feature. We actually have this need.

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I'm also see this need, some of the permissions in a number Orion modules is no where near as granular as it needs to be.

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