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What are we working on for VNQM (Updated August 5th, 2020)

In our latest release, we delivered IPSLA operations support for Cisco Nexus devices. We're currently working on expanding our support for service assurance operations:


  • Juniper RPM UDP-based performance monitoring
  • Normalizing and presenting multivendor service assurance operations
  • Robustness improvements in HA failover behavior


Learn more about the Orion Platform improvements here: The Orion Platform

Got more ideas for our roadmap? Submit or vote on an existing feature request!



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Is there a time frame for the post 4.2 to go into Beta? I know that 4.2 was Release and Release Notes were Updated 8/26/2014. I have several Clients looking for the SIP support.

Best Regards,

Derik Pfeffer

Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

Hi Derik,

we assume to have VNQM 4.3 beta with SIP. We're still at the point of clarification of gateway, call manager and SBC commands. it would be super helpful if your customers would be willing to share some knowledge about SIP trunk configuration on their sites.



is there a beta for VNQM 4.3 yet?

hello guys, why there is no support for other then cisco sla ? there are also another vendors - huawei/juniper with their own sla monitors...  is it some strict decision to keep support only for cisco ?

say the word ...

We have most of our gateways using SIP now, and just a few on PRI

We need SIP monitoring ASAP

Is support for CUCM(cisco call manager) 11.X coming?

I hope its coming soon.

This was posted almost a year ago. Where are we at? Any word on a date of any kind? Some of these features would really benefit us!

Add me as a customer who needs CUCM 11 support!

This feature is on our radar. We are currently tracking this request here:

Feel free to give it a vote! In the meantime, you *could* use UnDP as a workaround. If you'd like some additional details on this, send me a PM.

Antimus82​/Marvin Rhoads

Re: CUCMv11, would you be interested in testing this out? I'm currently building a list of beta testers.

Yes indeed! VNQM is not very useful to us without this integration.

thats good news. i did vote before... 

thing is, i develop already my own solution for huawei NQA and juniper NQA....   data gathering  & presentation...  and if i have time , i will add cisco also... it doesnt have web provisioning, but all i have to do is to add nqa/rpm on router, and rest is done automaticaly... so personaly i do not feel so much urgency for this issue...  

typo - i mean juniper rpm

Has VNQM been updated for NPM 12? The compatibility matrix says NPM 12 is compatible with VNQM 4.2.X but there doesn't seem to be an update like all the other modules and I'm getting messages about the VNQM/IP SLA services not being able to start since the NPM 12 upgrade. Opening a cases shortly.

ding​ - I'll speak with our UC guys if they want to run up a CUCMv11 for testing. If they do, I would be happy to beta test for you.

I would like to be a beta tester as well.

I have worked with a handful of clients needing Cisco CUCM v11 support with VNQM.

ding any updates on timeline for this stuff? Not asking for things you can't promise, but general estimates? Specifically #1 on the priority list.

We are almost entirely SIP.  Im not sure we have a need for the VOIP module at this point. 

bvaldez​ - As of right now there, we do not have an active VNQM beta. When one becomes available, the beta will be announced, inviting current product owners to sign up. Hope this helps. 

If there's no beta, where does that sit with things? Is there a general timeframe for the "next" release? q4 2016, etc? mrs.alterego

drowning here with regards to trying to use VNQM when we don't really know when it's going to start supporting things that are relevant to my environment (SIP, PRI, handling other call managers, etc) .

The long and short is when the engineering team is in a place where they need customer feedback, that is when we release a beta. If there’s no beta yet available, it means the team(s) are still plugging away, but due to legal restrictions, we cannot commit to a time for beta's, R/C's or GA releases, hence why we don't advertise any timeframes. 

Any answer is an answer, so thank you mrs.alterego​!

Thanks mrs.alterego​.  I keep getting asked by my boss about when we can get more out of VNQM other than IP SLA.  We started with CUCM v11 and I have not yet been able to show him any useful data on the VoIP side.  Please keep the push for v11 support going.

Is Nexus support ever going to be addressed?

Any update on CUCMv11 support?

Would you be interested in being a beta tester for CUCMv11 and v11.5 support?  If so, please shoot me an email at This is coming in the next few days.

I would be more than happy to beta test the new version. We recently upgraded to CM11 and I lost the ability to monitor calls. Since this is a call center that monitoring is very important to us.

ding​ do we have any support for SIP trunks in the new release ? and how soon will we be able to try it ?

When can we expect the support for cucmv11 and up? it is becoming quite urgent!!!

Is there already something known about a release date?

bartley​, due to legal restrictions, we cannot commit to a time for beta's, R/C's or GA releases, hence why we don't advertise any timeframes. However, we DO have a beta out for support for CUCMv11 and 11.5. If you're interested in participating, please email me at

Same here, since CUCM 11 has been released already for like 1year and a half.

This tool cost enough money and has none or less added value at this time...

I've advised my employer to drop this module.  Little value presented at this time. 

bartley​, niels.dutry​ and nick_scott​, I have news for your regarding CUCMv11.x support. I will ping you offline.

Thank you very much ding.

Ding anything update on the SIP troubleshoot feature of VNQM ? We recently purchased VNQM unlimited but finding it not as useful as most of our VIP user use SIP phones.

Hey ding​, I've sent a few emails since this post but have had no response?

Edit: turns out, new RC contains CUCM v11.x support. Looks like SIP may have been dropped from "what we are working on".

Still waiting for this beta here as well. we will be dropping the tool when maintenance is due if we don't see any progress.

Installed VNQM Release Candidate V4.4 (Discovered that it required NPM release Candidate V12.1)

This immediately resolve my issue with adding Call Manager servers into VNQM

previously it would fail the AXL account test but now works with no other changes having to be made.

Still early days but looking good.

BTW our Call Manager is

Support for Avaya 7.0 ? When ?

BitWinter​, are you currently running Avaya Aura CM 7.0? What version of VNQM are you running?

Hi - Yes we are running Avaya  Aura CM 7.0- Just update to VNQM v 4.4.

We noticed the bullet point of support for version 6.3 which is great - but we have been running 7.0 for over a year now...

BitWinter​, I'd like to loop in my team to take a look. I'll ping you via email now.


Do we have plans to support HP NQA as well in future releases or near future?


Hemant Gautam

Please update this page with new information.  Why does VNQM support cost so much if it doesn't support CUCM that was released over two years ago?

VNQM 4.5 supports CUCMv11 and v11.5. We are finalizing details for the current roadmap. Please stand by.....

Hi Ding, Where did SIP go on the list ?

I've been trying to reach out to inquire about SIP and haven't heard back from ding​ since April. I'm curious but unsure where this sits at this point. Would be nice to have so I'm not using Netpath to poll the path to the SIP trunk like I mentioned to cobrien​, though.

mustafa.perveiz​, shuth​, JesperVestergaard​, designerfx​... the feature was removed from the roadmap about a year ago. After months of research and development, we just weren't making the progress we had hoped. Fast forward to now... we have appropriate resources dedicated to developing SIP support and it's looking good. I'll be updating the WWWO page in the near future.  If you would like to talk further about this feature request, please email me.

Emailed you an hour ago ding Thank you for the transparency and looking forward to a chat further in detail! I'd especially like to see how things like NBAR2 from Cisco (which can push some SIP data if configured accordingly) could be grabbed by VNQM as well, per NBAR2 or Next Generation NBAR  - Cisco​ . It'd still be better than nothing.

NBAR2 can extract following Fields from packet headers and expose to FNF for reporting.

HTTP: URL, host, user-agent, referrer.

SMTP: server, sender.

POP3: server.

NNTP: group-name.

SIP: source, destination.

RTSP: host.

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