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VNQM 4.2 GA - Avaya CDR support available for download!

I'm very excited to announce we have new release of VNQM 4.2 with native support for Avaya (Red) communication managers and call quality monitoring and troubleshooting. This version of VNQM brings most wanted features by VoIP pros who were looking for a software for Avaya real call quality troubleshooting. Features, which may sound as a fundamental functionality but existing solutions on the market simply didn't have them.

Here is the short list of what's included in VNQM 4.2:

  • Support for Avaya VoIP call troubleshooting and monitoring
    • CDR and CQR monitoring of 1:1 and conference VoIP calls
    • MOS, Jitter, Latency, and end-point quality metrics information
    • Visualization of call signaling
    • Automatic region recognition and call grouping
    • Call manager failed calls and calls quality statistics
    • Avaya Gateway detection during call signaling phase
    • Reporting and alerting for Avaya VoIP CDR/CQR metrics
  • Call Manager phone registration resource with full text search and other new features
  • Support for Cisco Call Manager v10.x

avaya summary.png

In order to see your Avaya calls in VNQM, you need to complete just three simple steps:

  1. Add your Avaya communication server as a node and communication manager into VNQM, here is how:
      -  Go to "VoIP & Network Quality Settings" Page -> "Add Call Manager Nodes" and follow the instructions on the page. In the Advanced Section of the wizard, select SSH Auto protocol, and port 5022 - those are default values on Avaya.
  2. Make sure your Avaya Communication Manager can emit CDR/CQR data. Here is a simple tutorial how to configure Avaya CM
  3. Do a search on VNQM Search page:


And see details for each respective call:


VNQM v4.2 Release Notes

This version is already waiting for download & upgrade on customer portal


Hi Michal,

Below is the response from our Avaya team, so how do we use this product to monitor Avaya Call manager?

"We can have only one format of CDR output which is already configured to work with Proteus the current call billing software.
Proteus is also exporting all the records to TIS."

We are interested in using this product for monitoring our avaya VoIP system as we use many other solarwinds products in our environment. If you have any workarounds to CDR option do let us know.



Any suggestions from solarwinds team?

Hi Naeem,

Please go through the VNQM 4 2 Beta 2 Guide.pdf. On page no.3, there is a list of CDR parameters mentioned. Please check if those parameters are there in the customized format of yours.

If those parameters are present, the we can monitor Avaya CDR using VNQM.

Hi Naeem,

This is a good question and something I just heard on a call with a prospect earlier today. I will touch base with our development team and see if there is a work around for you.


Chris Lee


Any updates on this, i need to test VNQM and provide results to the management to see if it suits our Avaya monitoring needs.

hi Vjey,

The avaya team has the configured the following CDR parameters, will this help monitor avaya systems on VNQM?Picture 2014-11-09 14_29_14.png

+1 for that.

I hit same hurdle during beta testing but due to it being a Prod device unable to reconfigure on the software version the Avaya was on to continue testing.
michal.hrncirik / ios_jockey any new info on this?



I can see only the Calling-num and Dialed-num from the following CDR parameters. We also need Start-date(4d), Start-time, end-date(4d), end-time and Cond-code. Also, for the dialed-num parameter in your setup, the length is 18 but the length should 23.

When i try to add the avaya gateways i get the following error.



i have problem adding avaya gateways to vnqm. can you please let me know if it possible to add them,

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