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What call details are important to you??

Hey SolarWinds Customers, as always, we are interested in hearing your opinion regarding features you would like to see.  In 2008, we plan to extend Orion VoIP Monitor to collect call details.  My question to you is what types of call details are important for troubleshooting your network issues.  Is call volume - such as active calls, completed calls, and attempted calls - sufficient, or do you need to see the actual call data records?     

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 Instead of filling two databases with the same information, the ability to pull call records from a system for a specified time period using a search feature similar to the dialed number analyzer would be a nice feature. There are times where we have a customer who cant dial a certain number, or has call quality issues to a certain area code, and it would be nice to just grab that information through the Orion interface instead of having to log into one of the servers and do the call flow detail through the DNA on the desktop and then scrounge through the records to locate the calls. A graphical p[ath would be a cool feature too, but would require maping of devices for it to work.

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While reporting on CDR is really the responsibility of your call accounting software, I think it would be great to parse the database in real-time and return specific DN information of those call legs that have lost packets, jitter, or poor QoS per CallManager.  Sometimes, based on the frequency of IP SLA responder, you may not catch a bad call that was a result of a spike in traffic or other network anomaly.

Another feature would be the ability to configure IP SLA settings on a per node basis.  For example, it would be great to choose which codec to use, the frequency of collection, packet size, ports, etc. via the GUI, and then set it via SNMP or CLI automatically.

Other than that, incorporating other features that are in the free Cisco RTMT tool would be great.  It’s nice having it all in the same Orion interface.

My two cents, 


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Thank you very much for the feedback!!  What specific DN information would you like to see reported for the call routes and how would you like to see it reported within VoIP Monitor?

We plan to implement the ability to specify IP SLA settings, such as codec, port, etc. at the node level later this year.  Would you prefer to be able to specify frequency of collection, packet size, and test interval instead of specifying the codec for specific devices?  If yes, then can you please elaborate on the types of tests you would like to simulate?

Are there any specific features from the free Cisco RTMT tool you would like to see in VoIP Monitor?

I love the feedback and would love to hear more.

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what would be nice is if we could use IP SLA to monitor not just the realtime queue but also the other traffic classes that you could configure on a cisco QoS policy

For example, we have a QoS policy that has real-time, high, medium and low. We would like to monitor the latency and packet loss observed per queue and not just the real-time stats

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