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Level 9

Weird Issue....

It looks like I have one site that has multiple call paths to few other sites and they kinda seem stuck there.

is there anyone to clear out all the call paths? 

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Level 13

I am not sure I am following. Are you saying that you have duplicate call paths or that you have some call paths that have stopped collecting?

If you send your diagnostics in we can look at how your call paths are configured and what is being collected.

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Duplicate call path is what is happening and both are being collected . We have a fully meshed network and I should have 38 Call paths from all switches, but I have 3 sites that are showing 39 call paths.

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Interesting, can you send your diagnostics in so we can take a look. Run the SolarWindsDiagnostics.exe tool that is in Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion and it will collect information into a zip file that you can send us.


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