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Voip v1.0 accuracy


We have been trying the voip monitor v1.0 for realibility testing for a few months now, when it works it appears to be fairly accurate, problem is that we have so many time outs during the probes (see attached screenshot) the time outs are not reflective on the stability of the network, there is no problems in communication between the nodes, so I am not sure why they happen, show commands on the routers are not very descriptive.

MOS score is zero during the time out period (5 min. default on the probes) this minimizes the value of the software, since you can not get an accurate baseline of what your network is doing. 

Are other people experiencing this? Is this one of the problems with v1.0, or can this be a bug with IP SLA on the Cisco's?


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We have seen cases of devices actually returning zeros for MOS but VoIP Monitor should not be storing any value when there is a timeout error. With VoIP Monitor 2.0 we use the SNMP timeout and retries settings from Orion so that will let you bump up the timeout/retries to get rid of the timeout error.

Also, It is possible to get SNMP timeouts when the device is behaving fine as most devices run administration activities at a lower priority than throughput. VoIP Monitor may have attempted to poll the device at the same time that another request is being made of the device. However, if you are getting consistant timeouts from the same call paths everytime they poll there is a problem somewhere in the chain between your polling device and your polled device.

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