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Voip Monitor v2 Service Pack1

When is the new service pack for VM 2 coming out, VOIP Monitor DOES NOT DISPLAY stats for Call Manager version 4.2, the most widely deployed version of cisco cm.

This pissed me off because I have to show a customer this week.


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Level 9

I recommend creating a support ticket at  We are not posting the service pack till next week, but support should be able to provide you the service pack early.  This service pack addresses the issues with not seeing CallManager data on Cisco CM 4.x.
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does this service pack also fix the CM 3.3.3 issues also ? 

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Yes, any CallManager data you were getting before VoIP 2.0 will be available again.

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Anyone had any joy with this ?

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VoIP Monitor v2.0 Service Pack 1 is now available.  You can find our more details at

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 Hello achrich

- I just sent you a PM-

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