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VoIP is good.

 Ask a question I will try to help...Just helped build out a new phone system for our customer base of about 20k (and growing strong).

If you have any questions it would help me stay on my toes by answering them, or helping you to find an answer.

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 Hello friend,

I'm a pre-sales Enginner in a Cisco partner compagny in Morroco, i' have just star working with solarwinds tools, and i would like to ask question.

if we need to supervise VOP equipement and parametres in relation with phone Calls (jitter, delay, ..) sould we use only Orion performence Monitor or must we integrate additional module such as VOIP Monitor or something like this.

Thanks for your help.


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Orion by itself will allow you to monitor information about your devices whether they support VoIP or not. It will monitor throughput, response time, CPU utilization, memory utilization, history, custom MIBs and much much more.

If you want to monitor Jitter and MOS for call paths between selected devices you will want to add the VoIP Module add-on.

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