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VoIP Monitor with newer versions of IOS

We are seeing issues where VoIP monitor will come back with an error that the IOS doesn't support it...yet the code is newer and actually does.  Fir instance we are running 12.4 on a Cisco 7201 and get this error :

I get the ' SLA is not supported for XYZ. More information on Cisco IOS Software IP SLA’s is available at For hardware and software requirements, visit and select "IP SLAs - UDP Based VoIP Operation" as the feature. '

But you can actually manually configure ip sla on that router.  I think in new code the commands may be different.  Is SW planning on making those necessary changes?


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Level 9

I first recommend ensuring you have the appropriate read/write community string specified in the System Manager for the device.  If the appropriate read/write community string has been specified, then you can verify UPD Jitter support on the Cisco 7201 device by performing the steps below:

1. Login to the device
2. Router> enable
3. Router#  configure terminal
4. Router(config)#  ip sla monitor <OperationNumber>
5. Router(config-sla)#  type jitter dest-ipaddr <DestinationIPAddress> dest-port 17000 codec G711ULAW advantage-factor 0
6. Router(config-sla-jitter)#  tos 184
7. Router(config-sla-jitter)#  exit
8. Router(config)#  ip sla monitor schedule <OperationNumber> life forever start-time now
9. Router(config)#  exit
*For <OperationNumber>, you can enter a 1 if no other IP SLA operations have been enabled on the device.
*<DestinationIPAddress> should be the IP Address of the target device.

If the IP SLA operation cannot be configured on the device, then the device does not support the UDP Jitter operation which is used in VoIP Monitor.  I recommend upgrading to an IOS that supports UDP Jitter - IP SLA operation. 

If the IP SLA operation can successfully be configured on the device and the read/write community string is specified, please submit a support ticket at

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My engineer didn't update Orion with the SNMP RW string.  That fixed it.  It would be nice to be able to add both when you discover a new device.

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