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Level 9

VoIP Monitor and charts

Having to change screen to see the paths in both directions on separate charts is less useful than it could be.  An option to see both path directions charted together and/or more than one path would be much better. 

Part of this stems from the Orion charting habit of scaling the Y axis independantly for every chart.  MOS charts Y axis should not exceed 5 for example, but at least all the MOS charts happen to use the 10 for the Y axis (only because the data range is very narro from 0-5 I would suspect).  On the other hand many times you want to compare the paths to/from a particular node on one chart, but the paths cannot be plotted together and if they are done separately then the Y scales do not match up.

 I know in some cases you can export the data to Excel, but doing each path in both directions and then producing charts can take a very, very long time...

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Level 19


 Great stuff. I have already noted the MOS 10 charts for feature enhancement but will add you other items here as well.


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