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Level 10

VoIP Beta will not remove from server

I've uninstalled it and yet the website still shows it - anyway I can kill the extraneous link? 

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Level 13

Try removing the following folder and everything under it:


That will remove the config file that Orion looks for to decide that a folder contains a module.

Then remove the following segment from the ..\SolarWinds\web.config file:

        <group name="Voip">
          <add name="VoipCallPathViewID" type="System.Int32" />
          <add name="VoipSiteViewID" type="System.Int32" />
          <add name="VoipCallManagerViewID" type="System.Int32" />
          <add name="VoipSummaryViewID" type="System.Int32" />

Then restart the website.

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nice steve... that did it. thanks

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