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VNQM Not Importing All SLA's?


We have NPM, NTA and SAM but are evaluating VNQM.

I have 10 SLA's per gateway but VNQM is only seeing 7 of them, i.e. three are not being seen.

The three are icmp-jitter which is the same as the other seven per gateway.

Why would VNQM not see these three when I go to add them?



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The Automatic discovery should have added all of the Operations in, but it could be an issue with the operation's configuration. You can also go into the VNQM Settings, and Manually add the Operation by the Operation Number.

Under Settings> VoIP & Quality Settings> VoIP & Quality Settings> Monitor existing operations> Advanced, Manually enter operation numbers. Select the Device, then enter the Operation number listed in the device's configuration.

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