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VNQM IP-Phone availability

Quick question, 

I am trying to create a BOM but I have the below question.

Out customer has over 50000 IP-phones, do I have to use NPM for polling the availability of the devices (which would mean XL license + APE), or VNQM can also provide availability of each device via PBX servers (1 XL license)?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @pooksuave 

I just monitor the CallManger to get the general status of the Phones..


Registered Phones5978%
Unregistered Phones1722%
Rejected Phones00%
Total Phones76 
Registered Gateways/Endpoints880%
Unregistered Gateways/Endpoints220%
Rejected Gateways/Endpoints00%
Total Gateways/Endpoints10 
Last Poll24/11/2020 14:54:05 
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Hello @sja ,

Thanks for the answer, so can I see which phones exactly are unavailable? Are those links (unregistered Phones for example) that can show me the IPs?

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Hi @pooksuave 

Not that but you can see from other resource the name IP & status of the end device.













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