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Level 12

VM not gathering data from the CCM's

I have 4 CCM publisher/subscriber clusters loaded into the Voip monitor, and none of them are collecting data. Out of all 8 nodes, only two are showing data collected, but at 0% for all. There are at least 1500 phones on each one, and at least 10 or more gateways, yet none are showing as registered, or unregistered. The SNMP service is set to read/write on the servers, did I miss something else?

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Level 13

For the two nodes that are collecting data did you click on the node to view the CallManager view for full information? The VoIP Summary page shows the percentage of Rejected and Unregistered phones. Usually those are zero and Registered Phones is 100% but not shown. If you click on the CallManager node it takes you to the CallManager view where you can see all the stats by number and percentage. If everything is still 0% please contact support and send us your diagnostics through them.

 Regarding the nodes that are not collecting, are you getting a "No Such Name" error for them? If so this is a known issue that is being addressed and will be in a service pack coming out soon. If not please contact support and provice your diagnostics to them.


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