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Using a workstation to simulate IP SLA

I'd like to use the voip monitor from different segments of my network, some where IP SLA is not possible.

These include, vofi (voip over wifi), voip from remote sites where Cisco equipment is not installed and IP SLA is not supported, etc.

This could in theory be done if Solarwinds develops a small app that could be installed on two workstations that simulated IP SLA or calls back and forth and report the stats back to Solarwinds Voip module.  The Solarwinds server itself could even serve as one endpoint for the remote workstation.  The remote workstation could then be taken to different parts on the network and voip quality measurements could be gathered.  The workstation could even be made wireless and VOFI stats could be collected.

Is Solarwinds working on anything like this? 

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