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Receiving website errors "Maximum request length exceeded"

We are receiving this error when attempting to add to the infrastructure. The overall Admin / Infrastructure page for VQNM takes a very long time to load and once loaded it doesn't matter if I pick only a single node and click submit. No matter what the response back is "Maximum request length exceeded." I suspect this may be related to interface count which is quite higher than most deployments.


1) Is there an alternate way to add a device into the infrastructure.

2) Can we limit the page so that it doesn't pull every interface, perhaps limit where a customer property is specified on the node.

3) can the website request limit be increased?

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Level 10

FYI I did open a support case 630538. They are researching how to increase this length.

In the mean time I may have found my own fix. This page is poorly designed for large node or interface counts.

This is what I believe is happening:

     Page loads each node and all available interfaces

     User selects an element to add in and hits submit

     The whole table appears to be sent back to the server, including all checked and unchecked elements

If you have a ton of nodes or interfaces then this process gets slower and slower. Also you have to upload more data back to the server. It seems that IIS / Asp has a default value for the web request length for data sent from the user to the server.

Reviewing similar issues at links such as:

It took some time but I found the web.config file which affects the VQNM in the folder: C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\Voip\web.config

I added this to the config - in the section   <system.web>:

          <httpRuntime executionTimeout="3600" maxRequestLength="16384" />

This allows the webpage to complete without directing me to an error message. I am still waiting on Support to review to see if they suggest this method or provide an alternate. I am also not sure this is actually adding them into the Infrastructure. I don't get errors on the webpage then again the tested nodes are not showing. I am still learning how VQNM is expected to function.

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Jim, any word back on this issue from SW support.

I have over 66K elements being polled and am running into this issue as well.

I'll try your config file edit as a workaround, but a simple Web page coding design issue should not be that difficult to fix....

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No real progress. Basically the issue has become less relevant since it appears to just be a chart of nodes or elements you designate as VOIP. In my environment I have a custom property and I just made my own dashboards.

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The issue is relevant for me, since I am using the IPSLA portion of VNQM.

I cannot monitor IPSLA nodes without adding them as VoIP nodes.

I cannot add them as VoIP nodes due to the timeout issue.

So in effect this means the IPSLA module is broken in VNQM for me.

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