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Operation setup on node failed. No Such Name

We used IP SLA to create a number of operations.  We're using a Cisco 3850 and a 9300.  Status message for every operation is "Operation setup on the node failed. No Such Name".  RW SNMP string verified.

What else is there to check or verify?

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Try debug snmp details or debug snmp request and run the command again then see what shows up in the logs.

With a no name error I wonder if the request is even going to the switch

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I checked the log files and it seems it is connecting to the switch but it's canceling the ip sla after setting it up. It runs the following config commands before ending:

ip sla 48556

path-echo <dest ip> source-ip <source ip>

owner <Solarwinds VNQM module>

threshold 1000

frequency 300


no ip sla 48556

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