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Level 7

Installing VoIP Monitor


 I recently purchased the voip monitor and I'm currently running orion 8.5.1.  My question is should I install SP3 before installing the voip monitor?


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Level 9

 You can install SP3 before or after installing VoIP Monitor; however, my recommendation is to install Orion and SP3 and then VoIP Monitor.

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I just installed SP3 on my orion last week, and so far things are running fine.  I'm reading the VoIP Admin guide and it suggest to have SQL database on a seperate server with 4-8GB of memory and 20GB of drive space available.  Is this really necessary?  Currently my orion and sql are on the same server.  Will it be an issue if I have Orion, VoIP Monitor, and my SQL database on the same server?

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It is dependant upon how many nodes/interfaces/call paths you are monitoring, how often you collect statistics, how much free space is on your server, and how many auxillary services you are running.

Try it all on the same box for a while. You will be able to look at space, memory, and CPU reports to see how your server is faring. If your setup is small to medium you should be fine.

We will always recommend running SQL on a separate server because the database is the only component that is always processing for every component and module.

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