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Level 9

IOS Version

 Just wandering what IOS Version people are using for the VOIP Monitor?


I have done some digging and have only one version that everything seems to be working on ok.. Some version do not even support the command while others give you false readings.


The version that I have found that works on a Catalyst 4500 series switch is

12.2(31)SG, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) 

and the version for Catalyst switch 3750

12.2(37)SE1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) 


I have tried the following IOS Version on 4500 Series switches and I was not able to get them to work correctly

12.2(25)SG, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) 

12.2(25)SEE1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) 

I was not even able to get the following IOS Versions working at all, keeps coming back and saying needs an IOS that supports this.

12.2(37)SG, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) 

12.2(31)SGA1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3) 


I am just curious what versions other people are running  

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Level 12

12.2 is pretty old stuff...we run 12.4(13b) on both the remote end and head-end and its working great.


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12.2 is not old for 4500 series switches. it is the current version. (switches software) Still IOS but they have not caught up to the Router Version yet. For routers 12.4 is current.


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