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Got Avaya??

Hi All,

I'm looking at Avaya VoIP support and need specifics on the Avaya equipment you are using. If you need to do this confidentially just reply and I'll open an email thread with you.

Thanks - Andy

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Now 4 yrs into this subject, Is there Avaya Voice Support within the Solarwinds Line of products?

Support of Avaya call managers is something we are currently working on.

Level 14

Andy and SolarWinds Dev team,

Any word on this project?  We are in the process of implementing the latest G450 and CM version 6.x, and I could really use a way to monitor/manage this solution from Orion.

I'd be happy to help answer your questions about the new code and hardware if necessary.


We are also using G450s and S8800 servers


Level 9

I know I'm about 2 years late but I've only just purchaed Orion NPM.

We use Avaya extensively on a Global Basisc. Within the UK (my remit) we have 3 Avaya sites, a pair of 8730 servers, 2 x 8710 at remote sites. G650 cabs at all locations. All sites are ESS.

Any idea on when Avaya support will be available?

Cheers, Ellis.


Let me save you the trouble...  Solarwinds is thinking about supporting Avaya...  That is all that they will say...  Some of us long time customers have been waiting years for this support option.  Now that Avaya is moving into the SIP world and expanding into data networking (Nortel purchase), maybe they will develop their own tools for monitoring.

I have to say that I'm disappointed in the response to this request/issue...


I'm sorry that we have not been able to satisfy this request. Your statement is accurate. Avaya is the most requested platform for expanding support beyond Cisco Call Manager. However, even though it is the most requested additional platform doesn't mean that it is requested frequently. Our recent release included support for automatically discovering existing operations, this was seen as a much higher priority by a wider base of our customers. I know it doesn't address your specific request but we primarily make our decisions based on what will have the largest impact to our customers. 

If the stats we pull from Call Manager are available via SNMP for Avaya, you can use a custom poller (UnDP) to collect this information. Is this something you are interested in? If so, I will create the UnDPs and post them on the content exchange (assuming the stats are available via SNMP). I realize this is not the same as adding them to the product but it would provide the same information. Would this help you?


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We (IT Dept.) were told just this morning that we will be purchasing Avaya's largest phone switch (we're talking lots of money here...). I haven't gotten any details yet (last to know 😮 )

What's the latest on Solarwinds and it's monitoring support for Avaya equipment?



No new updates.  We're thinking about it, but nothing we can commit to at this point in time.  In the meantime, you can monitor statistics on Avaya devices using the Universal Device Poller.



Add me to the list of your customers that want you to think more about it.   😉

Got it.

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I am a new user of the VoIP Monitor under NPM and also wish to monitor Avaya VoIP equipment and services. The equipment consists of Avaya G700, G650 Gateways and Avaya S8300 BLSP Servers and Avaya 4610 IP Handsets. Are you able to assist prior to the proposed future enhancements which support Avaya?



This is an update to my previous post on the list of Avaya VoIP equipment we wish to monitor

  • S8500B Main Server
  • AES Server (Application Enablement Server)
  • ·         S8300C LSP (Local Survivable Processor)
  • ·         S8300B LSP (Local Survivable Processor)
  • ·         MM (Modular Messaging – MAS) (Messaging Application Server)
  • ·         CMS Server (Call Management System)
  • ·         Witness Contact Store Server
  • ·         CCE Server (Contact Centre Express)
  • ·         Witness Quality Server
  • ·         Witness WFM Server (Workforce Management)


Level 8

Hi Andy,


Don't know if you still need more information, but I have the following:


s8720 / g650

s8300 / g350

4610sw/4621sw IP phones

9600 series

Application Enablement Servers

Modular Messaging

CMS 13


Thanks for all you do...

Any suggestions to monitor above mentioned Avaya environment. One of our customer has Avaya environment and wants to monitor it through Orion Voipmodule. He has Avaya Cmmunication Manager and gateways.. Any suggestions..

Sebastian Anthony

Technical Consultant



They can use UnDP to add the devices today - also Avaya support is on the roadmap

My voice team has selected Avaya for it's enterprise voice solution (VOIP). 


Any ideas as to when direct Orion support of Avaya VOIP will be here??

It is on the raod map but I can;'t share an estimated date at this point.



Any estimated date for Avaya support ??

No dates; however, this is still something we're considering.

Is there any product that can be used to monitor Avaya like S8700?