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Level 7

Connected Phones

I am trying to get an idea of what the "Connected Phones" piece looks like in version 2 but it does not appear that is exposed in the online demo.

"Alerting & Additional Stat Management for Cisco CallManager - Now you can monitor rejected phones, rejected gateways, and the operational status of each connected phone.  The ability to receive alerts based off of CallManager properties is also now included. "

Any chance that someone could point me to the right place in the demo or post a quick image?


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Level 19

See the Call Managers area in the VoIP summary view.

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 I assumed that "operational status of each connected phone" would allow me to see some phone information vs. the number of phones connected.  Am I missing something or over thinking the statement?



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This is all I see in regards to phone information.

Registered Phones41993%
Unregistered Phones276%
Rejected Phones00%
Registered Gateways8693%
Unregistered Gateways66%
Rejected Gateways00%
Last Poll5/15/2008 3:14:11 PM 
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