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Call Detail Records (CDRs)

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We are gearing up for a future release, and are thinking about Call Detail Records, or CDRs.  I've received several requests to have IP SLA Manager support CDRs as part of our VoIP functionality.  Who else out there is interested in CDRs?  What business need or problem will CDRs solve for you?  Would you use them for billing, or some other use case?  Is there anything beyond the basic information (call duration, who made the call, who received the call) that you need?

Speak up if you need some CDR TLC!  🙂


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Hi Jkeberle,

I'l contact you off line about your CDR requirements.

Having others express their CDR interest in this thread will help us prioritizing.

A few word on your use case (accounting, troubleshooting) and the retention needs (should we keep all fields? what retention period?) would be of great help.

Thanks to those who have already written above.

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