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Level 9

CCMPhonesCiscoData Table question

Trying to understand some data out of a SWQL query better.  Specifically in the orion.ipsla.ccmphonesciscodata table.  What do the values in the ProductType field represent?  Is that to be an indication of the phone model?

Query I'm using is:
SELECT TOP 1000 ID, CCMPhonesID, Index, LastRegisteredUTC, Extension, IpAddressV4, ProductType
FROM Orion.IpSla.CCMPhonesCiscoData
order by lastregisteredutc desc


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Level 9

Also, curious about how the IpAddressV4 output is formatted.  By that header, I would assume it to be IpV4 addressing, but I'm getting variants of integers, that do not resemble any sort of IP address


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